Limited Street

 Limited Street Racer Brian Krakowski

Limited Street Racer Brian Krakowski


LIMITED STREET- (revised 10 – 22-16)


31 X 13.5 slicks, 13.50 bias or 325 radial max sidewall designation allowed

Slick tires, biased DOT or radials allowed.

Tire rules will be enforced!!!

* Body/Interior:

-Factory street type cars/trucks. Domestic and import allowed.

Fiberglass Hoods, Fenders, Bumpers, Doors and Deck Lids Allowed.

- Wheel Tubs Allowed

-Working headlights and taillights mandatory, this means headlights not fog lamps.

-No dragsters, roadsters, altereds, or center steer cars.

-Must be street appearing.. Must have 2 front seats or 1 bench seat. Carpeted interior even if rear seat is removed. Factory dash or pre-approved dash pad required ( aluminum Sheet Metal dash NOT allowed). Must have any interior door panels

-Racecar lettering allowed. Sponsor stickers only allowed on windows, no stickers on body panels.

-Windows, lexan permitted.

-Must have stock style front suspension.

- Full round or square tube chassis cars with a max 8.50 cert allowed

- Can not be certified past/faster than 8.50 certification to run this class

- Cars can not run faster than 5.50 E.T CUT OFF. This is a heads up index class 


-No bracket racing aids, no throttle stops (electric or pneumatic), no optical sensors.

-No delay boxes permitted for starting ling procedures or other driver aided electronics.

The application or use of any device, mechanical or electronic that permit the driver to ascertain the position of their vehicle in relation to the starting line is prohibited.

-Progressive nitrous controller system permitted.

-No electric or air shifters permitted!!!! MUST MANUALLY SHIFT CAR IN THIS CLASS!!

All cars must meet the IHRA/NHRA safety requirements.

Drivers must wear the safety equipment required for the ET’s being run.