Outlaw Limited Street

 Outlaw Limited Street Racer Moe Alfaqih "AKA Money Moe"

Outlaw Limited Street Racer Moe Alfaqih "AKA Money Moe"




All entries must have a factory based production type vehicle. Must be street appearing, have stock appearing dash . Wheelbase must be within 2” of factory dimension . Factory Firewall in stock location. One piece front ends permitted provided it retains stock appearance. Fiberglass/carbon fiber body parts are limited to hood, fenders, doors, deck lid, roof skin & bumpers unless car is composite from factory. Any changes or alterations in body lines or dimensions MUST BE APPROVED prior to modification.


Back half type cars only. Double round tube frame rails from firewall forward prohibited. NO CHASSIS TYPE CARS.

Stock front frame rails and suspension required Front frame rails to be original OEM type & must be fully intact from the firewall forward out past the far most lower control arm mount. Slight notching allowed for header clearance. Header must pass through this area
Aftermarket Bolt in Sub-frames an K-frames allowed. Factory front frame must be connected to Sub-frame or k-member or lower suspension component by bolting and/or stitch welds , no solid welding.

Lower control arms MUST bolt to the factory mounting points on the front section of frame. Any type spring shock combo allowed.

-Rack and pinion steering allowed.


Any type rear suspension is allowed.


Any slick tire up to 30” x 10.5” sidewall designation allowed, W tires OK.


Any engine combination allowed. Only one type of power adder allowed


Any type automatic or manual transmission is allowed.

License plate required (any plate, cosmetic only).


1/8 mile race

Heads Up

.4 Pro Tree -- courtesy staging mandatory -- no deep staging

All Run Ladder 


Each cars gets two time trials before first round after second time trial we will meet and draw chips and build random ladder. 

Random pairing- pairing drawn from racers pulling numbered chips from a hat. 1 runs 2 , 3 runs 4 so on. 

Odd number gets lane choice

If there is a bye last number on ladder to be picked gets bye run. You can not have more than one bye run. You must break beams (turn green light on) to be a qualifying bye run. 

All cars must meet IHRA/NHRA safety requirements.

Drivers must wear the safety equipment required for the ET’s being run.